Nearly R3bn In Investment Raised For Cape Town, Western Cape In 2018/19

According to the African News Agency (ANA), the Western Cape’s investment promotion agency Wesgro said on Tuesday it had helped secure R2.85 billion in investments in the province during the 2018/19 financial year which would be realised over a five year period and create nearly 1,000 jobs.It said this followed a successful fourth quar...

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Rekindling Hope Is The Missing Elixir Needed To Fix South Africa’s Economy

South Africa’s election season is underway. But current debates are stuck in a time warp. The country needs to look beyond the familiar nostrums that have held sway for much of its first decades of democracy.In his February, 2019 State of the Nation speech, President Cyril Ramaphosa followed the classic fix-the-business-environment for...

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Why The World Is Due A Revolution In Economics Education

Economic thinking governs much of our world. But the discipline’s teaching is stuck in the past. Centred around antiquated 19th-century models built on Newtonian physics, economics treats humans as atomic particles, rather than as social beings.While academic research often manages to transcend this simplicity, undergraduate education ...

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America and The World Still Need The WTO To Keep Trade and The Global Economy Humming

President Donald Trump has made no secret of his disdain for the World Trade Organization.Since taking office, the Trump administration has been blocking the appointment or reappointment of WTO judges – imperiling the essential work of its court in issuing trade rulings. The president has even threatened to leave the global body if it ...

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