What Is An Inverted Yield Curve? Why Is It Panicking Markets, and Why Is There Talk of Recession?

Since President Trump tweeted about imposing new tariffs on China, global equity markets have gone into a tailspin. Trump’s more recent announcement that the new tariffs would be delayed has not calmed the markets, with recent days seeing very large falls in most major stock markets.

By Mark Crosby 11 months ago

Boris Johnson Wins Race to Become UK's Next Prime Minister

Brexit hardliner Boris Johnson won the contest to lead Britain’s governing Conservative Party on Tuesday and will become the country’s next prime minister, tasked with fulfilling his promise to lead the U.K. out of the European Union. Johnson resoundingly defeated rival Jeremy Hunt, winning two thirds of the votes in a ballot of about ...

By Joburg Post 12 months ago

Zuma and Trump: Half a World Apart, Yet Similarly Paranoid and Dangerous

Within the space of a few days, we have been subjected to bizarre but carefully staged performances by US President Donald Trump and former South African President Jacob Zuma. Trump has spewed racist hate-speech against four Democratic Party Congress women of colour, telling them to “go back home” to their “broken” and “crime infested”...

By Roger Southall 12 months ago

Erdoğan’s Control Over Turkey is Ending – What Comes Next?

Mayoral elections in Turkish cities do not usually grab the world’s attention. But the defeat of the ruling party’s candidate for Istanbul mayor – once during its March election and then again, even more definitively in a June rematch – is a sign that Turkey’s most powerful political party is losing its influence after nearly two deca...

By Sarah Mokrzycki 12 months ago

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