King Goodwill Zwelithini & Prince Charles Mark the 140th Anniversary of the Anglo-Zulu War

The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall joined the King and Queen of the Zulus yesterday to mark the 140th anniversary of the Anglo-Zulu War. Prince Charles, Camilla, King Goodwill Zwelithini and Queen Pumi watched a military display by a Zulu impi regiment in traditional leopard-skin uniform.

By Joburg Post 24 days ago

Five Countries in the Eastern Mediterranean are Shaking up Europe’s Energy Map

Discoveries of natural gas reserves in the Mediterranean Sea around Egypt, Cyprus, Israel and Greece are shaking up Europe’s energy politics. Traditionally, Russia has been Europe’s main supplier of gas, giving it significant influence over Europe. But this influence is under threat from various gas discoveries in the eastern Mediterra...

By Khaled Kesseba & Konstantinos Lagos 26 days ago

Vast Subsidies Keeping the Fossil Fuel Industry Afloat Should be Put to Better Use

Capitalism has often been identified as the underlying cause of the climate crisis. A leading voice on the subject is Naomi Klein, one of the climate movements most influential thinkers, whose seminal book on climate change was subtitled Capitalism vs. the Climate. She is one of many voices identifying capitalism as the cause of climat...

By Joburg Post about 1 month ago

How Congress Lost Power Over Trade Deals – and Why Some Lawmakers Want It Back

Some in Congress want to wrest control of trade policy back from the president. It might surprise you to learn that lawmakers ever had it. Until the 1930s, it was Congress that set the terms of U.S. trade negotiations with other countries and raised and lowered tariffs as it saw fit, while the president did little but sign his name. Ov...

By Joburg Post about 1 month ago

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