Did Trump Obstruct Justice? 5 Questions Congress Must Answer

“If we had confidence after a thorough investigation of the facts that the President of the United States did not commit obstruction of justice, we would so state. … However, we are unable to reach that judgment.”That was special counsel Robert Mueller’s blunt conclusion about whether President Donald Trump committed obstruction of jus...

By Joburg Post about 17 hours ago

Sri Lanka Attacks: Government’s Social Media Ban May Hide The Truth About What Is Happening

Sri Lanka has temporarily banned social media and messaging apps in the wake of the coordinated Easter Sunday attacks on churches and hotels across the country, which killed at least 290 people.The ban is ostensibly to stop the spread of misinformation – and the move feeds into the wider debate about how Facebook and other platforms ar...

By Joburg Post 1 day ago

One Year After Nicaraguan Uprising, Ortega Is Back In Control

One year ago, Nicaragua’s government was on the verge of collapse.Protests against President Daniel Ortega exploded nationwide on April 19, 2018 after the government quietly passed a tax on retirees’ pension checks. Demonstrators barricaded highways and main roads, paralyzing Nicaragua’s economy.By May 2018, 70% of Nicaraguans wanted O...

By Joburg Post 6 days ago

Why Are We So Moved By The Plight Of The Notre Dame?

Scrolling through news of the Notre Dame fire on social media feeds was like watching a real-time archive of grief in the making, as people expressed their dismay and sorrow at the damage wrought.Why is it that some heritage places publicly elicit more emotions than others? There is no simple answer to this question. But the outpouring...

By Joburg Post 8 days ago

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