Akinwumi, Gbagbo and the Reality of Africa in the International System

The travails of Akinwumi Adesina, President of the African Development Bank (AfDB), have elicited high voltage nationalistic emotions. Commentary over commentary has exalted his impeccable academic credentials, unique experiences and exalted his almost futuristic, in the context of Nigeria, profile, as if these were the main issues in ...

By Ademola Araoye 2 days ago

Why COVID-19 can’t be blamed for Angola’s failure to have local governance

Angola is the only southern African nation that has not introduced a system of elected local government. This, 45 years after it made constitutional provisions for the establishment of this important tier of government. In 2018, President João Lourenço recommended that local elections be held in 2020. This will no longer be the cas...

By Albano Agostinho Troco 8 days ago

The Eco and The Transparent Macabre Dance of France

The macabre dance of France in West Africa is a serious matter. It therefore does not permit a hearty guffaw on the torment of a desperate neo-colonial master in the sub-region. As the contours of the French ECO in West Africa continue to emerge, the desperation of France to consolidate its hegemonic status in West Africa becomes clear...

By Dr. Ademola Araoye 23 days ago

ADOS and the Future of Black Humanity

Meanwhile, the lords of the hegemonic external Order, like France in Africa, are mortally threatened by the potential concretization of the pan African mantra of “One People, One Destiny”. A “One Africa” conscious of the inseparably linked common destiny of all peoples of African descent, and that actively work to translate the radica...

By Dr. Ademola Araoye 26 days ago

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