AU/US and Arab Leaders Step into Sudan

Diplomats from the United States and the African Union have intensified pressure on Sudan’s transitional military council that is currently working to resolve a standoff with protesters.The diplomatic push comes after protesters demanding civilian rule called off a nationwide civil disobedience campaign and agreed to resume talks with ...

By Neo Sithole 3 days ago

Ambitious Buhari Plans to Lift 100 million Nigerians Out of Poverty in 10 years

Nigeria’s president Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday replicate successes of his first four years in offices, citing an improved economy and better infrastructure among those achievements.Buhari won re-election in February this year, polling 56% of the vote, whose turnout was just 36%.Buhari’s government considers its first term to have be...

By Joburg Post 3 days ago

Gukurahundi: Can The man accused of opening the wounds heal them?

In 1983, Nqobizitha Mhlaleri was ten years old when a bloody massacre in western Zimbabwe destroyed his community and left him an orphan.“I was made to step on dead bodies including my parents’,” he says, now aged 46. “The soldiers were ruthless. They left a trail of disaster.”Nobuhle Ndlovu, 68, recounts a similar tale of violence.“I ...

By Joburg Post 3 days ago

Botswana Court Ruling Is A Ray Of Hope For LGBT People Across Africa

Botswana’s High Court has ruled that private consensual sex between adults of the same sex is no longer criminal. The decision gives hope to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in African countries that still have similar laws in place. Most share a common history, with criminalisation finding its way into local law th...

By Joburg Post 4 days ago

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