Straight From The Streets Of Joburg: Petros Opens Up The Industry.

Today we get to know Petros khoza an inspirational young from the East of Joburg in Daveyton. He is pulling out all stops and doing phenomenal things for the young people in his neighborhood. Petros Khoza otherwise known as daddy started school at Bafo Chiko Primary school then progressed to Mati -yo- Tenga higher Primary and ...

By Phumzile Mavimbela 22 days ago

Anxiety in Johannesburg: new views on a global South City

Within the media and popular culture of the global north, cities like Johannesburg, South Africa, are often presented as a site of trouble. They’re the source of the immigrants, drugs, violence, poverty, disease and environmental crisis that worry nervous citizens of more “developed” cities.

By Cobus van Staden & Nicky Falkof 28 days ago

Unlearn by MoMo Matsunyane

Award-winning actress and director, MoMo Matsunyane performs Unlearn, a play about a young lady called Angel Mojapelo who loves stand-up comedy and hopes to have a successful career in it one day. However, one night at a party changes the course of her life forever. Unlearn highlights the effects of suffering from mental illness as wel...

By Joburg Post over 1 year ago

Coffee Chocolate Expo

The biggest Coffee Chocolate Expo in Africa comes to Joburg, showcasing products and services that specialize in the two decadent tastes of Coffee and Chocolate. A variety of experiences are available for all visitors such as: a chocolate workshop; coffee in good spirits, where one can watch how to professionally make a cup of coffee w...

By Joburg Post over 1 year ago

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