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Why access to decent toilets could help reduce sexual violence in South Africa

South Africa has exceedingly high rates of rape of women and girls by non-partners. It’s estimated that between 5% and 12% of women may have been raped by a man who is not a romantic partner. This, however, could be an underestimate. In earlier research, 21% of men reported perpetrating non-partner rape in their lifetime. Rape is a hum...

By The Conversation about 19 hours ago

From The Desk Of The President – 14 September 2020

Dear Fellow South African, In many countries around the world, the coronavirus pandemic has required the limitation of many civil liberties and put social cohesion to the test. But countries with strong institutions, vigilant judicial systems and a robust media have been able to prevent human rights from being undermined and the ...

By Hon. Cyril Ramaphosa 4 days ago

The Break of Dawn: A Chance South Arica to Refocus

2020 was dubbed the year of plenty by many in the twitter sphere and other social media platforms. But alas, this year has proven so different to the roaring 20s. The year began with a geopolitical storm between the United States and Iran. This event sparked fears of a new global war in the middle east that would draw western powers an...

By Musa Mdunge 23 days ago

Young South Africans are shut out from work: they need a chance to get digital skills

Most young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in South Africa continue to be denied access to information and communications technology because of poor infrastructure and the digital divide. The cost of mobile data is part of the problem. For example, compared with its fellow members of the BRICS group of nations, South Africa ha...

By Walter Matli 28 days ago

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