#SAElections2019: The Joburg Post Special Report

IntroductionOver the past few weeks, South Africans across South Africa and the world have been following every news event related to the elections. In many ways, these elections can be described as the point of rebirth for South Africa. They come at a time when our collective moral has been low. The Jacob Zuma years marked by corrupti...

By Musa Mdunge 4 months ago

Rwanda: As Tensions Mount With Uganda, Here’s How To Defuse The Crisis

Tensions are mounting dangerously between Rwanda and Uganda. The two African countries historically have been closely linked, with each playing a key role in the other’s political development. But all that is now in peril.The current Ugandan government, led by president Yoweri Museveni and his National Resistance Movement (NRM), gained...

By Joburg Post 5 months ago

#SAElections2019: With Over 75% Of Voting Districts Declared, The ANC Set To Win The Elections With Less Than 60%

National and provincial election results have been trickeling in since counting began. As of 07:55pm, 75.96% of voting districts votes were verified and counted. The ANC, DA, EFF, VF+,IFP, ACDP, GOOD, ATM and AIC have all secured the minimum 35 000 votes to go into Parliment. COPE which is currently sitting at 34 643 is also likley to ...

By Joburg Post 3 months ago

The Balance of Forces Within The ANC: A New Dawn in Limbo!

On Wednesday I attended a closed session discussion on the state of the ANC and South Africa by the CAF group at the Thabo Mbeki Foundation. In the room were struggle stalwarts and veterans, who have given their lives’ purpose to building a non-racial and non-sexist South Africa that works for all who live in it. The topic of discussio...

By Musa Mdunge 3 months ago

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