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Nigeria’s Universities Are Performing Poorly. What Can Be Done About

Why are Nigeria’s universities in such a sorry state? Some would say it had to do with just one word: money. Sadly this is part of the reason. But not entirely.Nigeria’s universities have been under-funded for decades. Like a talented but under-achieving football team, fail to achieve goals because the country hasn’t invested enough in...

By Joburg Post 6 days ago

Digital Colonialism - Cheap Internet Access for Africa, but At What Cost?

The African continent is developing its digital infrastructure with the support of know-how and technology from Silicon Valley. But is it giving the tech giants too much power?Yellow is the color of South African telecommunication giant MTN. The market slogan Y'ello is plastered on billboards along South African highways, promising bar...

By Joburg Post 18 days ago

Kenya Ranked the Best in Africa for Offering Good Digital Life

Kenya has been ranked as the best African country that offers good digital life in the latest Expat Insider report released by the InterNations.The survey ranked Kenya 31st in the world ahead of South Africa (49), Morocco (58), Uganda (59) and Egypt (69).In the report, Kenya appears to offer good digital life as nine in 10 expats in th...

By Joburg Post 25 days ago

Apps To Keep Kids Thinking And Learning Even During School Holidays

As the summer holidays draw near in many parts of the world, parents shouldn’t be surprised if kids choose to fill their days with technology. After all, teens and tweens are now spending more hours on their devices – iPads, phones and computers – than they are asleep.Anxious parents will point out how bad this technology obsession is ...

By Joburg Post about 1 month ago

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