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How Population Data Can Help Countries Plan and Tweak Policy

Statistics South Africa, the country’s statistical service which gathers and analyses a range of data, recently released its mid-year population estimates for 2019. The data places the country’s estimated population at 58,78 million people. But why is it important? The Conversation Africa’s Natasha Joseph asked demographer Nicole de We...

By Nicole De Wet- Billings 10 days ago

Coding in South African Schools: What Needs to Happen to Make it Work

South Africa is training a group of teachers to learn how to code and how to teach coding. The subject will be piloted at 1000 schools across five provinces, starting in the 2020 academic year. The announcement has resulted in debates around the country’s ability to deliver on such a commitment, particularly when considering the low li...

By Ulrike Rivett 16 days ago

Toyota Robots Help People Experience Their Dreams Of Attending The Olympic And Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020

Dedicated to "Mobility For All," Toyota robots augment and amplify human capabilitiesToyota Motor Corporation (Toyota), as a worldwide partner of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, aims to provide mobility solutions that go beyond providing official vehicles for the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020. One way Toyota is doing this i...

By Joburg Post 20 days ago

South Africans Are Upbeat About New Technologies, But Worried About Jobs

Powerful new technologies are emerging that will continue to affect individuals in multiple ways. This has led to references to a Fourth Industrial Revolution – a new era involving the application of digitisation and automation to different areas of society and everyday life. This revolution is one that presents distinct opportunity. B...

By Joburg Post 26 days ago

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