South African Youth: The Born Frees

A generation of South Africans that does not have the ‘patience’ of their parents. Known to be more radical, they want change "Now" and won't wait for tomorrow to come, a generation that believes in creating, becoming and serving a purpose. This photo story is dedicated to the young South African's who have redefined freedom, continuin...

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A Movement Through Words: Young African Writers

This photo story is dedicated to young Africans. We look at young Africans that are changing the narrative through the power of words, from literature, script writing to spoken word art and poetry.

By Joburg Post 10 days ago

Young Africans Excelling In Changing The African Narrative Through Innovation

Ludwick Marishane young South African entrepreneur who developed a product that allows people who have limited access to water to maintain their standards of hygiene.Kelvin Doe of Sierra Leon is a self-taught engineer. He made his own battery to power the light in people's houses and he has even made his own FM radio transmitter and ge...

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Africa Is Not A Country

This photo story is dedicated to Africa, a continent that is home to 54 countries that are enveloped with the beauty of deserts, beaches and savannahs, that hold the big 5 as well as wildlife beyond your wildest dreams. Countries that are filled with amazing artistry, culture and cities that buzz with life and ancient history that cont...

By Joburg Post 24 days ago

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