The End Is Nigh For Apple’s iTunes As The Tech Giant Targets Separate Audio And Video Markets

Apple says it’s replacing iTunes with three dedicated entertainment applications as part of its new Mac operating system, Catalina, for desktop and laptop computers.A key reason for the change is based around the way we now watch, listen to, download and stream media.Recent years have seen immense shifts in consumer behaviour, plus new...

By Joburg Post 11 days ago

Personalities Are Like Traditions – Unique Patterns Of Behaviour That Build Over A Lifetime Of Improvisation

The question of whether personality is the result of nature or nurture has plagued researchers – and the general public – for decades. What we do know is that we are all unique, each with a distinctive pattern of speech, gesture, movement and thought. And when it comes to our personality, our past thoughts and actions influence our fut...

By Joburg Post 25 days ago

Why Culture, Not Race, Determines Tastes In Music

One frequently hears questions such as: Why do different races generally listen to specific genres of music? Why do music genres have a huge racial divide?In societies obsessed with and manipulated by the notion of race, these questions are understandable. But it is also understandable that, for many forward-thinking people, they are h...

By Joburg Post about 2 months ago

How South Africans Forged A Path To Making Opera Truly African

The transformation of the arts in South Africa has been on the cultural agenda since the dawn of democracy in 1994. Prior to that the apartheid government was deeply vested in advancing and funding the performance of Western European art forms.More inclusive performance arena and funding models have emerged in the past 30 years. Arguab...

By Joburg Post about 2 months ago

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