Davido Sets New Record as the Most Viewed Nigerian Artist on YouTube

After securing the video for "Fall," which has just under 140 million streams on YouTube, as the most viewed Nigerian music video on the platform, the artist has set another record, becoming most viewed Nigerian artist on the platform across all of his uploads.

By Damola Durosomo 17 days ago

Ethiopian Rappers Challenging Israel Police Through Song

In his song “Handcuffed,” rapper Teddy Neguse addresses police brutality against young Israeli men of Ethiopian descent. Although the song came out in 2017, it has recently reached new heights in the wake of street protests across the country following the killing of an Ethiopian Israeli teen by an off-duty police officer last month.

By Joburg Post about 1 month ago

How Your Phone Can Interrupt The Good Vibes Of A Summer Music Festival

For many communities, summertime is festival season. Festivals allow us to escape our everyday lives. Whether it is time spent listening to music outside with our friends or trying out food trucks on date night, community events are a valued part of social life.As many people head to their favourite festival they will do so with their ...

By Joburg Post about 1 month ago

New Music Composers Face The Age-Old Question: Do They Write For Themselves Or For Mass Appeal?

In the following discussion, three academics explore whether it is the duty of the artist to lend to music’s survival by creating mass appeal. This is a recurring question in contemporary music review, both locally and abroad, and has been the subject of two recent monographs. David Stubbs’ Fear of Music looks at the avant-garde in mus...

By Joburg Post about 2 months ago

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