How South Africans Forged A Path To Making Opera Truly African

The transformation of the arts in South Africa has been on the cultural agenda since the dawn of democracy in 1994. Prior to that the apartheid government was deeply vested in advancing and funding the performance of Western European art forms.More inclusive performance arena and funding models have emerged in the past 30 years. Arguab...

By Joburg Post 5 days ago

Songs Of freedom: The Soundtracks Of Political Change In Sudan

The uprising in Sudan has been vocal – and musical. “Tasqut bas!” – just fall, that’s all – was a commonly-used slogan by Sudanese as they revolted against military dictator Omar al-Bashir’s 30-year rule. The uprising, which began in December 2018, intensified over the following weeks, forcing Al-Bashir to step down on 11 April 2019.Su...

By Joburg Post 10 days ago

Jazz Is Not Lost: The Resurgence Of A Beast

Ever misplaced a compact-sized yet enormously important device or gadget that has you in a panting frenzy at the thought of having lost it? In a kind of delirium, you try almost hopelessly to retrace your steps to find it, pacing in and out of every room in your house. Perhaps, all around your yard and almost dramatically, at the umpte...

By Katlego Mereko about 1 month ago

Drc Musicians, Patronage Networks And The Possibility Of Change

Popular musicians in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), like many of their compatriots, have often been forced to depend on political patronage networks for their livelihoods. It dates back to colonial times, but has lived on through the country’s nearly six decades of independence.The nature of the networks may not change after t...

By Joburg Post about 1 month ago

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