Achebe’s A Man of the People: A Prophetic Critique of ANC Presidents, Especially Ramaphosa?

“As I stood in one corner of that vast tumult waiting for the arrival of the Minister, I felt intense bitterness welling up in my mouth. Here were silly, ignorant villagers dancing themselves lame and waiting to blow off their gunpowder in honour of one of those who had started the country off down the slopes of inflation. I wished for...

By Katlego Mereko 3 days ago

‘Dancing The Death Drill’: Historical Fiction That Tells Us About Today

In his keynote speech at the recent South African Sunday Times Literary Awards the novelist, Zakes Mda, said that “we write historical fiction to take history to the level of what was it like to be in what happened”. Mda said that as a historical novelist, he writes,historical fiction to grapple with the present. Great historical ficti...

By Joburg Post 11 days ago

Here Is What Makes Some Writing ‘World Leading’

There is a wonderful scene in the film Amadeus that depicts Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart dictating, from his death bed, the words and music of his Requiem mass – a piece thought of as a requiem for the composer’s death which is now regarded as one of the greatest pieces of music ever written. Mozart dictates to the rival composer Salieri, w...

By Joburg Post 19 days ago

A Must-Read List: The Enduring Contributions Of African American Women Writers

In Mules and Men (1935), anthropologist, creative writer and Harlem Renaissance upstart Zora Neale Hurston relays the evocative folktale “Why the Sister in Black Works Hardest.” Fatigued after the work of Creation, God casts a massive bundle onto the earth. Intrigued by the mysterious object, a white Southern woman during the antebellu...

By Joburg Post 26 days ago

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