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Festivals Can Transform Cities By Making Space For Overlooked People and Cultures

Cities all over the world are facing major crises – from failing services and mounting inequalities, to climate emergencies. And arts and culture have a surprisingly critical role in tackling these kind of urban challenges. Festivals create exciting spaces to experience art, music, culture and film. At their best, they perform a transf...

By Beth Perry & Rike Sitas 2 days ago

Muthoni Nyanjiru: Kenya’s Historical Light of Feminine Defiance

Towards the end of the 19th century, Britain, Germany, France and other European nations set about dividing and sharing Africa to their ominous tastes in the iconoclastic Berlin Conference. Britain, though their Imperial British East Africa Company had their sights firmly on a rich plain of land we now know as Kenya.

By Katlego Mereko 9 days ago

Burundian Refugee Escapes Conflict at Home to Create Art in Rwanda

Mike Katihabuga and Djamal Ntagara are two visual artists who met in Rwanda in 2017. Katihabuga had escaped Burundi at the height of the conflict in 2015. He found refuge in Rwanda and lived in a refugee camp before moving to the capital a year later, to pursue art. The 25-year-old met Djamal, a painter based in Kigali and they bonded ...

By Joburg Post 17 days ago

Tsegaye Gebre-Medhin: Ethiopian Playwright and Poet

“I like to go out and communicate with the common folk of Ethiopia; the peasant, the patriot, the soldier, the traitor, the housewife, the priest, the sheik… it is from the that I learn about my country and people.” Tsegaye Gebre-Medhin was a prominent Ethiopian poet and playwright who sat with a deep sense of duty towards people. His ...

By Katlego Mereko 23 days ago

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