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‘Invasion’: An Exhibition That Presents An Artist’s Healing Touch

Some people disparage beautiful art because it seems to deny the painful complexity of life. They feel it is just sentimental and it leaves them with a sense that something is lacking. But for other viewers, beautiful art can also provide hope and healing.

By Stella Viljoen 11 months ago

Chéri Samba | The Art Of Telling The Truth

Chéri Samba is one of the most famous African artists. His notoriety both in the West and in Africa exploded between the 70s and 80s, and is strictly linked to his ability to mix a bit of humor with a handful of paradox and deliver truthful messages about his homeland.

By Joburg Post 11 months ago

18 Shots of the Revolutionary Art in the Streets of Egypt

Street art has always been a means of documenting events, dreams, ambitions, and messages. In Egypt, it has spread widely, especially after the revolution, when the art represented the images that the new generation wanted for the future. It was largely influenced by the history and the intense political situation. Despite the continu...

By Joburg Post 11 months ago

Kenya’s 10 Best Contemporary Art Galleries

Kenya’s constantly evolving art scene revolves around a number of emerging and world-acclaimed artists predominantly from Kenya and the surrounding East African region, with art spaces clustered around Nairobi and Mombasa. Despite the high turnover of art galleries, which remain rather limited given Kenya’s rich and growing scope of cr...

By Lilian Dairra 11 months ago

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