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Tribute To Biggest Collection Of artists’ Books In The Southern Hemisphere

There is a very special section of artworks known as artists’ books. These are artworks in the form of books rather than books about art. South African art collector and philanthropist Jack Ginsberg began collecting in this field in the early 1970s. He recently donated this world-renowned collection – and the biggest in the southern he...

By Joburg Post 3 days ago

Arts and culture Were Given Money In South Africa’s Budget. Why It Matters

Analysts came to a range of conclusions about the budget speechdelivered recently by South Africa’s Finance Minister Tito Mboweni. But few paid attention to his comments on arts and culture. He made a commitment that National Treasury will identify funds to support a new national theatre and museum, among other initiatives.Mboweni just...

By Joburg Post 7 days ago

Art Appreciation: The Berman Contemporary Artist

Art is an expression of feeling, soul and depth and can be expressed in different mediums. Whether it is through music, dance or paint on canvas. I will be exploring my appreciation for African art based on the Berman Contemporary Art gallery artists, I will be looking at my favourite pieces and series by the artists and delve into the...

By Katekani Shivambu 15 days ago

How Young Filmmakers Are Protecting Artistic Freedom In Kenya

Artistic freedom was always tenuous in Kenya, but it’s become even less so since Uhuru Kenyatta became president in 2013. The political pendulum has swung against political dissenters, intellectuals and a handful of media institutions that still believed in objective journalism.Progressive gains made under the previous administration o...

By Joburg Post about 1 month ago

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