Hope Healed My Trigger

It was just this week that I felt triggered by the horrific stories that had emerged on the news about multiple women who had been raped and murdered and fellow Africans that had been brutally murdered because they weren’t citizens. If I am being completely honest, I still feel the chill in the air on this clear day just thinking about...

By Zizipho Ndevu 10 months ago

Forget the Boogeyman, the Face of Gender-Based Violence Is A Familiar Face in Your Church, Office, School and Bed!

It has been a minute since I last wrote an opinion piece. Until the events of the past two weeks, I have not had the strength or mental resolve to speak to the matters that are impacting South Africa and the greater continent. However, like all of you, I too have seen the worrying stories of kidnaping, rape and murder exerted against c...

By Musa Mdunge 10 months ago

Will Kenya’s First Anti-Colonial Leaders Ever Rest In Peace?

In African Culture(s), a dignified burial of the departed is an important feature that is thought to secure safe passage to the realm of the living-dead, the ancestors. This is further amplified if the deceased was a chief or a community leader of some kind.

By Katlego Mereko 11 months ago

Nigeria’s Population Bomb: Where is The Baby Bomb Squad?

A country’s greatest wealth is its people but, in a case, where the country cannot maintain or provide for its people the people then become its greatest burden. In trying to understand Nigeria’s population, how the Nigerian government plans to adequately deal with the ballooning population and how it impacts on the continent we first ...

By Neo Sithole 12 months ago

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