The Class of 1976: Their Blood Demands a Higher Conviction from Us!

On the 16th of June, we as a people will rise to a new day’s dawn. However, it will not be like any other ordinary Sunday morning, where gospel songs and hymns will be the order of the day. On this coming Sunday, we will add a little prayer of thanksgiving for a generation of young people, who chose in the darkest days of our struggle ...

By Musa Mdunge about 21 hours ago

Sudan: A Case of Autocratic Interests and International Selective Empathy

Following attacks on peaceful protestors outside the ministry of defence in Sudan last week Monday by security forces and the civil disobedience in an attempt to get the Transitional Military Council to hand over government power to civilian rule the people of Sudan have been subjected to untold violence at the hand of various para-mil...

By Neo Sithole 3 days ago

Why Repairing South Africa’s Value Proposition is Imperative for a “New Dawn"

South Africans once again have heard depressing economic news that the South African economy contracted by -3.2%, which represented the biggest quarterly economic contraction in a decade. However, even with the nightmare we have, the African National Congress has continued to be at the centre of providing policy uncertainty. You had th...

By Musa Mdunge 11 days ago

Decolonising Norway: What Does It Mean?

Knowledge about Norway’s role in colonialism in Africa is rather nebulous. Due to the more prominent colonising nations such as your Great Britain, Germany, France, etc., who were already in prime position to sink their claws in the colonies when the “scramble for Africa” took off and whose colonial legacies are still readily traceable...

By Katlego Mereko 17 days ago

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