Friday Motivation: Be You, Do Not Ever Dim Your Potential.

I am a great believer in looking to others for encouragement and motivation. At times how people hustle as well as their accomplishments set the tone that is needed to motivate and help us to work harder. However what I am not such a greater believer in, is mimicking another person's life, so much so that you end up losing who are in t...

By Phumzile Mavimbela 5 days ago

The Reality of Ramaphoria: From Dawn to Sunset?

The Reality of Ramaphoria: From Dawn to Sunset? Last week Thursday President Cyril Ramaphosa gave his fifth State of the Nation Address (SONA). For the first time since 1994, the SONA was without the fan fair and fashion that colours the most important political speech of the year. Moreover, the need to ensure with covid-19 regulation ...

By Musa Mdunge 16 days ago

The half-European New African

The half-European New African Not long ago a prolific public intellectual not only pointed out why social cohesion cannot be attained in South Africa but called for an examination of the state of Africanness, whatever that is. 

By Sandile Memela 20 days ago


My friend asked me for my views on the raging debate about freedom of expression, especially of the media. I told him that this time I have nothing to say. I prefer to keep my silence. Yes, I have chosen silence because I do not want to mix my voice with the voices of hypocrites. And I mean what I say on this about the people who ar...

By Sandile Memela 22 days ago

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