Henry Odera Oruka’s Africa Sagacity: Are There Any Left?

Philosophy is a relatively interesting topic, more so when localised to the African continent. Philosophy, as a concept, has two rather general definitions, the first is ‘the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence’ and the second understands philosophy as ‘ a theory or attitude that acts as a guiding princ...

By Neo Sithole 9 days ago

Will Kenya’s First Anti-Colonial Leaders Ever Rest In Peace?

In African Culture(s), a dignified burial of the departed is an important feature that is thought to secure safe passage to the realm of the living-dead, the ancestors. This is further amplified if the deceased was a chief or a community leader of some kind.

By Katlego Mereko 9 days ago

Old Mutual’s Bomb Scare-Coincidence?

Late Wednesday afternoon Old Mutual’s Sandton office was evacuated following an anonymous call made to SAPS that there was a bomb somewhere in the building. No actual bomb was found suspicions around if anything about the bomb scare has to do with the temporary of Old Mutual CEO Peter Moyo.

By Neo Sithole 17 days ago

Ramaphosa Should Focus on Inequality Rather Than Squeezing Poor People

South Africans are still to see what the new dawn promised by its President Cyril Ramaphosa will bring, or if it will even break. Long jail sentences for those that have looted the country would be a good thing. But it’s not yet clear if that will happen. One thing, however, is clear; there is going to be a harder line on non-payment.

By David Dickinson 23 days ago

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