10 Fascinating Ancient Sites In Africa

Africa is known for its diversity and culture, it is home of different traditions dating as far back as when humankind came to being. It is also homeground to the most fascinating ancient monumemts, Africa can be said to be the birthing place of humanity as we know it.  Here are a few fascinating ancient sites you should know. Pyramids...

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Want To Become A Better Person? Travelling More Might Be The Answer

Travelling offers new experiences and can open people’s minds. It allows you to get out of your daily groove – of work, commuting, housework and cooking – to think about the things that really matter and enjoy some quality time in a different place.Of course, with growing awareness of the environmental impact of long haul flights and t...

By Joburg Post 10 days ago

Africa's Most Stylish Safari Lodges

Royal Chundu Island Lodge, Victoria Falls, ZambiaRoyal Chundu Island Lodge, Victoria Falls, ZambiaCamouflaged along the banks of the Zambezi River and hugging the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe, is a hideaway of untold tranquility where romance and adventure are intertwined for the perfect getaway. Further downstream lies the iconic Vic...

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Across a Continent: Travelling in Africa as an African

As the world’s second largest and most populous continent, Africa’s diversity makes it a fascinating place to visit.Many African countries are starting to capitalise on the continent’s increasing ability to attract visitors from Europe and the United States. But, ironically, Africans themselves find it easier and more cost-effective to...

By Joburg Post 25 days ago

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