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Congo's Liputa Fashion : Fashion in Brazzaville

The mix of bold, bright, brilliant and elegant colours that define the stunning prints and fabrics used in creating Congolese fashion are as surreal as a dream. They caught the Western tune, but with their vibrant hues and striking prints—characteristic of African culture, they simply stand out! I am not hawking fabric for Brazzaville,...

By Usifo Mike-Alvin over 1 year ago

How Cleopatra's Eye Make-Up Protected Her

One of history’s most famous women, Cleopatra was a mighty queen of Egypt. Married to both Julius Caesar and Marc Anthony, the fearless leader was famous for her colourful and heavy eye makeup. Historians believe that there may have been more behind her makeup choice than simply aesthetic value, however.

By Joburg Post over 1 year ago

The Evolution Of Nigerian Fashion

To talk about the evolution of fashion in Nigeria is to highlight the beauty in its diverse, multicultural identity. The Nigerian fashion terrain is unique because each cultural sect has clung to its version of traditional beauty and style in spite of the recesses from colonialism and the heavy influence of Westernization.

By Joburg Post over 1 year ago

Budget-friendly Beauty Products

Taking care of your skin and keeping up to date can be queit taxing, however some makeup brands have made it less expensive to keep your skin glowing and getting that ultimate face beat; here are some beauty products on a budget for your beauty goals.

By Joburg Post over 1 year ago

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