How grassroots video is building a film industry in Zimbabwe

There is a general perception that there is no film industry to talk about in Zimbabwe. This argument is mostly based on comparisons with other well-resourced film economies, such as Hollywood, or even South Africa’s.

By Oswelled Ureke 28 days ago

Festivals Can Transform Cities By Making Space For Overlooked People and Cultures

Cities all over the world are facing major crises – from failing services and mounting inequalities, to climate emergencies. And arts and culture have a surprisingly critical role in tackling these kind of urban challenges. Festivals create exciting spaces to experience art, music, culture and film. At their best, they perform a transf...

By Beth Perry & Rike Sitas about 1 year ago

Unlearn by MoMo Matsunyane

Award-winning actress and director, MoMo Matsunyane performs Unlearn, a play about a young lady called Angel Mojapelo who loves stand-up comedy and hopes to have a successful career in it one day. However, one night at a party changes the course of her life forever. Unlearn highlights the effects of suffering from mental illness as wel...

By Joburg Post about 1 year ago

Poetic Thursdays Kicks Off 3rd Season

If Nigerian poet Ben Okri was right that ‘poetry goes straight to the truth of things with extraordinary gravity and with great rhythmic beauty’, then a practical expression of this theory can be found in Soweto Theatre’s very own stages through their monthly live performance assembly called Poetic Thursdays.

By Katlego Mereko about 1 year ago

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