A Freedom Month Themed Poetic Affair

Month after month Soweto theatre and Poetic Thursdays showcase poets and performers from all over the country, with varying degrees in experience and expertise. This platform serves as both a bucket list for most established performers in South Africa and equally as a stepping stone for the future greats and gems of South Africa. For S...

By Katlego Mereko 1 day ago

The Liberty Radio Awards Winners 2019

On the 13th of April 2019, The Liberty Radio awards gala event was hosted at the Sandton Convention Centre. This was a night inspired by South Africa’s very best in radio, from legends to rising stars. The hosts, internationally renowned poet Lebo Mashile and Eastern Cape-born comedian Loyiso Madinga, made for the perfect night filled ...

By Joburg Post 10 days ago

What Nigerian Hip-Hop Lyrics Have To Say About The Country’s Yahoo Boys

Singers use artistic conventions to construct marketable music personas. But that’s not the full picture. In the US, for example, most American hip-hop and rap songs are also a reflection of the artistes’ living experiences and social communities. These mainly involve gang violence, street hustling and thug life. The late rapper, Notor...

By Joburg Post 15 days ago

Xero Mahero: The Pioneer Of Pavement Poetry

Pimville is one of the oldest townships in Soweto. But its formation was hardly an innocent one. It was part of the grand machinations of apartheid, part of a chain of black concentration camps for darkies working in the city. To this day, the township, like many others in Soweto, follows its apartheid architectural and social engineer...

By Katlego Mereko 29 days ago

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