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5 Nigerian Fitness Influencers You Should Know

While preparing for the summer body, you need all the inspiration to keep the bodygoals going. Here are some of Naija's best fitness influencer. #BodyGoals!

By Joburg Post 12 months ago

Period Pain: Don’t Let It Stop You Exercising

Girls and women experiencing period pain often avoid physical activity, but our latest study suggests that doing exercise might actually provide pain relief.Period pain affects around 90% of women. It can interfere with daily life by limiting activity – and is a common reason for being absent from school or work.During the menstrual pe...

By Joburg Post about 1 year ago

Do You Plan Your Life Around Your Fitness Schedule? You Could Be Addicted To Exercise

Physical activity feels good and it’s great for your health. It can reduce your risk of developing chronic conditions like type 2 diabetes, strengthen your bones, muscles and joints, and can even help with certain mental health conditions, such as depression.While exercise has clear benefits, it can cause problems if your love of worki...

By Joburg Post about 1 year ago

Health Check: Is Makeup Bad For Your Skin?

Makeup is an everyday item for many people and non-negotiable for some. Is it bad for our skin? As always, the answer is not clear-cut and depends on the individual, their skin type, and the products they use.With an overwhelming choice of cosmetic products available, most people don’t even know where to start with makeup. Organic? Nat...

By Joburg Post about 1 year ago

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