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Local Solutions Can Boost Healthier Food Choices In South Africa

The crisis in health triggered by cheap food that’s high in fat and sugar is now well documented. Obesity related diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes are rapidly overtaking HIV as the top causes of death in South Africa. A bad diet is a major contributor to this epidemic because people increasingly opt for unhealthier, ...

By Joburg Post about 12 hours ago

Always Tired?

Walking around with a coffee in the hand all day long just to try and wake up?  Feeling tired from the very minute you open your eyes in the morning?  Have you ever investigated what the true cause of this lifeless existence is?  The reason for me putting pen to paper is because I come across this “condition” on a daily basis.  Since t...

By Elsa Storm 14 days ago

Exercise Can Fast-Track Your Workplace Well-Being – Here’s How

Exercise has been found to reduce stress, increase positive mood, decrease anxiety and alleviate depression. But you may not know that the emotional well-being associated with exercise is also linked to key attributes that can help us while we work.One of the most established of well-being frameworks (PERMA) states that of the many way...

By Joburg Post 21 days ago

Getting Up The Wall

Most of us spend much time sitting – in the office, in the traffic, in front of the TV – and in this process we get tighter and weaker hips.  In a previous blogs we have looked at some ways and means to assist our bodies in overcoming this harmful habit. When we look at the body’s flexed position, it is not merely the hips or...

By Joburg Post about 1 month ago

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