How Men’s Damaged Sperm Could Play Significant Role In Recurrent Miscarriage

It’s an unfortunate fact that one in four pregnancies will end in a miscarriage, typically within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. In most cases, this will be a single, one-off event with the underlying biological cause unknown. However, around 1% of couples will suffer the agony that is recurrent miscarriage.Recurrent miscarriage is t...

By Joburg Post 6 days ago

We Tested Baby Food Sugar Levels in South Africa. This is What We Found

South Africa has the highest rates of childhood obesity in the world, with an alarming figure of 13%. The global average stands at 6%. One of the main causes of South Africa’s rate is the rapid growth of the country’s commercial food industry. This has led to increased consumption of cheap, easily accessible and ultra-processed food th...

By Joburg Post 14 days ago

“CAN’T”?... Sure If You Can't You Cannot

The difference between success and failure is directly tied to your beliefs.  What you believe is what you get!This is the first little swear word I hear from participants that engage in, or try to engage in, physical activity.  Very easy on the tongue – I can’t.Yes, many a time I will just turn around and say, “sure you can’t cause th...

By Elsa Storm 20 days ago

How Do Nigerian Gay and Bisexual Men Cope?

Many Africans who are not gay or bisexual – sexually attracted only to people of the same sex or of both sexes – claim that being gay or bisexual is not acceptable for religious and cultural reasons. Laws in numerous African countries – as is the case in Nigeria – also reflect this by criminalising same-sex sexual activities and same-s...

By Joburg Post 28 days ago

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