Straight From The Streets Of Joburg: Petros Opens Up The Industry.

By Phumzile Mavimbela

Today we get to know Petros khoza an  inspirational young  from the East of Joburg in Daveyton. He is pulling out all stops and doing phenomenal things for the young people in his neighborhood. 

Petros Khoza otherwise known as  daddy started school at  Bafo Chiko Primary school then progressed to Mati -yo- Tenga  higher Primary and finished of  at Lwazi secondary school. He fell in love with arts in primary school when he got involved in drama as well as public speaking. Taking us back to his childhood journey he says he grew up like any young man from the local neighbor but he draw some of his inspiration from a time in his life which influenced the man he is now . Being raised by a single women and not having knowledge of who his father is . He helped his mother to sell fruits and vegetables at a near buy train station.

I had to assist my mother to make ends meet so I became a street vendor at a very young age, I would go to school and the immediately need to go sell fruits and vegetables at Daveyton train station. So I never had much time to play. I became s street vendor at a young age.
 During this era of his life he started penning down his emotions and that gave birth to his poetic writing. Also he got bullied an discriminated because of his completion. Thus many people didn't know if he was white, coloured or Indian. He says the level of bullying because of how he looks also stirred up poetic rivers in him from a very young age.

After falling in love with arts from primary level Khoza wrote his first movie after matric tittled Uthemba no Thembekile is  a localised version of Romeo and Juliet. He used used his own camera to shoot the movie and casted young people from his neighborhood. in 2010 He then founded his own organisation called the African Blood where he groomed young people in performing arts, they showcased their crafts in theatres  which also helped to groom and improve their work. 

What gave hi deep insights to the media and entertainment industry was when he embarked in professional acting career staring in
diverse television roles.  He travelled a lot with the director of popular television the Queen Jeff Nkuna. Where he acted an got roped in as assistant director to some of the projects Jeff worked in. 

It is tough to make it in the media industry it requires a lot of money to get exposure for your craft

 The challenges he faced in his pursuit of media career inspired him to start Daveton TV  a local online television channel where he trains young people whose area in interest in the television and media industry.  He currently works with 18 young people he trains them in television presenting, editing , directing as well as camera work.  khoza also own his film and photography company where he covers local events around his community.


My love for the community is big, many artists are struggling for exposure so I wanted to create a platform in the community that tell authentic kasi stories. That advantage of our platform being online is that everyone where ever they are in the world they can have access to our content 
access to our content. 

His plan now is to create new Christian movies which will be acted by black people in order to change the narrative attached to the religion.  He also wants to diverge the north sourthen flow of media information , so that he can get the stories of  young black South Africans o global platforms. 

To inspire and motivate every young person from the streets of Johannesburg  Khosa says that  young people should know that
 No dream is far - fetched, as long as you want it you can get it. Always put in hard work and never give up. 

Young people who need exposure for  their content can  send through to or they call 073 8922 943.

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