Straight From The Streets of Joburg: ZII Gallo Socks Is Shaking The Streets

By Phumzile Mavimbela

ZII Gallo is a brand that hails from the streets of Joburg. The brand was founded by a young Thando Imam Stephans a radio host, Artist,Entrepreneur & Speaker  who is certain that through passion and dedication any young person can push boundaries and move mountains.

Stephans is the founder & Creative Director Sock Brand ZII GALLO SOCKS   is a Culturally inspired and African printed socks which narrate  African stories.  ZII Gallo is a township slang which means "Available" or "Many". The inspiration behind the name is his desire to produce an African Brand which is available and accessible to all cultures.   


He explains that the idea was birthed during a very difficult time in his life 

Zigallo  Socks is an idea which came to my  mind after I lost everything during level 5 Lockdown I was sleeping in my friend's couch when I thought of creating these socks. 

The 25 year old is originally from Mthatha in the Eastern Cape. He came to the city of gold to do what others hustlers do, which is bettering their lives while  attempting to create generational legacies.  In his journey to pursuing greatness while breaking barriers he studied Media and Marketing in Boston. 

I was Born in Ngangelizwe a township in Mthatha. I was raised by both parents. However they got divorced and me and my siblings had to stay with my grandparents. My parents did all they could to take us to better schools. 

Not only is Thando a budding business man his passion also lies deeply in enriching others as well as the community. He is involved in  a Non Profit Organisation called Sovuka Sikhanye which is  dedicated to motivating as well as  donating basic needs to students in and outside of the radius of Joburg.

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