South African Youth: The Born Frees

By Joburg Post

A generation of South Africans that does not have the ‘patience’ of their parents. Known to be more radical, they  want change "Now" and won't wait for tomorrow to come, a generation that believes in creating, becoming and serving a purpose. This photo story is dedicated to the young South Africans who have redefined freedom, continuing to fight the battles which their parents have fought for by removing the chains of oppresions through a change in mindset.

We Fight The Battles That Matter, Education Should Not Be A Previledge #FeesMustFall

Protests reveal how the education system serves to entrench division and has become a space of political struggle.
#GradutionSeason: We Continue To Rise Above The Struggle

We Take Care Of Our Own, Creating Hope For The Younger Generations

We Are The Rainbow Nation
We Are Free To Decide

A Movement Through Dance: Pioneering

We Are Not Defined By What We Wear.

Redifining Traditions, Our Heritage Is Imporatant Therefore We Do Not Let Relinquish Its Exisitsence, We Make It Better.

We Are The Evolution Of Culture

Our Heritage Evolves

Young healers want to create a world where culture & modernity coexist

We Do Not Have To Be "Doctors" To Be Counted Amongst The Successful, We Aspire To Be!

We Choose Our Leaders

Youth are no longer bound by an allegiance to the ANC. ‘We are more radical, [Young people] don’t have the kind of patience that our fathers and mothers have’. 

We Can Be Whatever We Want to Be.

#BundleOfJoy: We Encourage The Idea Of Education

We Believe In The Power Of Education

Born Free- We Continue To Fight The Struggles Of Yesterday For  A Better Tomorrow, Today.


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June 16

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