Young Africans Excelling In Changing The African Narrative Through Innovation

By Joburg Post

Ludwick Marishane young South African entrepreneur who developed a product that allows people who have limited access to water to maintain their standards of hygiene.

Kelvin Doe of Sierra Leon is a self-taught engineer. He made his own battery to power the light in people's houses and he has even made his own FM radio transmitter and generator to power it. Kevin emerged as one of the finalist of GMin’s Innovate Salone idea competition and is today, the youngest person to participate in the “Visiting Practitioner’s Program” at MIT.

Malawian innovator, William Kamkwamba, built an electricity-producing windmill from spare parts and scrap parts after he dropped out of school aged 14.

Development and urbanization come with all sort of challenges, especially security. Morris Mbetsa of Kenya, in fighting this challenge, invented an anti-theft device known as the Block and Track.

Kenyan Richard Turere, invented the Lion Light, an automated lighting system of five torch bulbs around a cattle stockade.

Zulaikha Patel. At 13 year of age led a school protest against unfair discrimination by the Pretoria Girls High School when it came to it policy on hair. The protest gained a national and international spotlight in support of girls' protest.

Arthur Zang developed Africa’s first handheld medical computer (Cardiopad) tablet that helps diagnose people with heart disease. The 25 centimeter touch-screen medical tablet enables health workers to perform cardiac tests such as electrocardiograms at far away remote areas and beyond.

Former Wits SRC President Nompendulo Mkhatswa who was at the forefront of a student led protest FeesMustFall which aimed to stop increases in tertiary fees and increase government funding for tertiary education

Verone Mankou of the Republic of Congo invented the Way-C tablet, the first African iPad rival. The Way-C Tablet is affordable and available in Congo.

Naledi Chirwa is an activist who plays a prominent role in student politics. She is currently serving as the EFF's Student command and communications officer. She is also the youngest member in the parliament of South Africa.

Roy Allela is a Kenyan innovator who invented the Sign-IO, a glove that converts sign language into audio speech

He’s South African born and was raised in Soweto and Mpumalanga, in his early primary school years he was recognized as “the learner with the most artistic promise”.Zonke started the project in 2014, set to deliver his unique take on kitchen appliances.

Ziyanda appliances

Inga Gubeka is the Founder and Creative Director of Inga Atelier a South African Brand that produces quality luxury bags. Gubeka studied interior design at Durban University of Technology and founded his first company Indalo Creations in 2012 which he later resigned.

 Mashudu Modau better known as the entrepreneur evangelist is a start-up ecosystem specialist and founder of Lutcha a podcast network that aims to change African Millennial narrative. Mashudu is passionate about advancing youth entrepreneurship in Africa

Maya Christinah Xichavo otherwise known by her stage name Sho Madjozi is a South African Rapper and Poet, she’s popular for rapping in her native language xiTsonga.

Sho Majozi
Upile Chisala

Upile Chisala is a storyteller from Malawi and published author with 2 books, Her first book “soft magic” was published in 2015, through her work she aims to help others and herself to come to terms with past celebration of the present and the future.

Nelson Makamo is a Johannesburg based artist who has exhibited in group and solo exhibitions in South Africa and abroad. Nelson's work is strongly influenced by the candid innocents of children. Nelson currently works as a full time artist from his studio in the heart of the city of joburg. A space he deems to be the most sacred place in the world.

Time Magazine, Nelson Makamo edition


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