Momo Soko: Asian Tapas Eatery

By Joburg Post

If you’re looking for incredibly authentic and sublimely delicious Asian street cuisine with a modern twist, look no further than Momo Soko. This gem of a restaurant has a variety of dishes that tantalise your taste buds and delight your palate. Traditionally Asian cuisine is packed with flavor, but Momo Soko really takes it to the next level.

When you walk into Momo Soko it feels as if you’re walking down a festival street in Asia. The décor is well done – simple, tasteful and suits the environment so well. Momo Soko is not the easiest place to find, so ensure you familiarize yourself with the lay of the land before you leave home!

Expect to find nothing less than perfect mapo tofu braised in Szechuan pepper sauce that’s headily aromatic and spicy. Fiery green beans are slathered in ginger, chilli and garlic and perfectly al dente; or try the twice-cooked baby beef ribs in barbecue sauce. The Matterhorn soko – lamb with green basil-mint drizzle, toasted sesame seeds and spring onions – is a must. Move onto fluffy baos, stuffed to the rim with various fillings.

The Baohaus bao is a favourite, with teriyaki beef, hoisin, Japanese mayo and pickled onions. Or try the exotic Kung Pow bao with spicy Korean beef, kimchi, sesame, gochujang, mayo and spring onions. Whet your appetite with coconut water, yuzu gingerbeer or Turkish delight lemonade.


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