Africa Is Not A Country

By Joburg Post

This photo story is dedicated to Africa, a continent that is home to 54 countries that are enveloped with the beauty of deserts, beaches and savannahs, that hold the big 5 as well as wildlife beyond your wildest dreams. Countries that are filled with amazing artistry, culture and cities that buzz with life and ancient history that continues to tell the story of the essence of Africa.

This is a snapshot of Africa's identity through fashion, art and culture.

Bo-Kaap, Cape Town, South Africa

Kigali, Rwanda

Pretoria, South Africa

Medina of Tunis, Tunisia

Accra, Ghana

Marrakech, Morocco

Harar, Ethiopia

Ntsako Wa Xibelani, Phillemon Hlungwani. South Africa


City Buzz, Ghana

Regalia Of The Ancestor

Shades Of Colour, African Beauty

Identity In Culture

The Artists Behind The Art

Identity In Culture

Markings Of A Warrior

A land the encompasses history

Music, Morroco

Urban Culture

Street Style Art

Identity In Culture

Masai, Kenya

Modern Maxhosa Wear

Basotho, Lesotho

Johannesburg, south Africa

South Africa



Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche, Nigerian Novelist

Nairoibi, Kenya

Ndebela: South Africa

Zulu: South Africa


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