Chief Justice Mogoeng Prepares For Swearing-in Ceremonies

By Joburg Post

The IEC will on Wednesday hand over the list of nominated members of Parliament and members of provincial legislatures to Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng. 

After Mogoeng has received the lists, he will hand them over to Parliament and the judge presidents from various provinces for the provincial legislatures. 

"The Chief Justice will in turn hand over the National Assembly list to the Acting Secretary to Parliament in preparation for the first sitting of the National Assembly. The chief justice will also hand the lists of designated Provincial Legislatures to the judges president who have been designated by the Chief Justice to preside over the first sittings of the Provincial Legislatures," 

said a statement from the office of the chief justice.   

Mogoeng will preside over the swearing-in ceremony of MPs.

Parliament announced that the date for the sitting is provisionally set for May 22.

MPs are expected to be sworn inside the National Assembly

The Constitution states that both houses of Parliament, National Assembly and National Council of Provinces have to be established within 14 days of the IEC declaring the election results. 

In the first sitting, the Chief Justice is expected to swear-in members of Parliament. 

He will also preside over the swearing-in of the president.  

“At the National Assembly's first sitting, the Chief Justice will preside over each Member of the National Assembly’s swearing-in or affirmation of faithfulness to the Republic of South Africa and obedience to the Constitution. The House may be constituted of no fewer than 350 and no more than 400 members. The Chief Justice will also preside over the election of the Speaker of the National Assembly, who will preside over the election of the Deputy Speaker,” 

said Parliament spokesperson Moloto Mothapo

The presidency announced earlier that the inauguration of the president will take place on May 25.


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