Art Of Food: Dullstroom

By Joburg Post

Found in the small trout-fishing town of Dullstroom, The Art of Food invites guests to rediscover the joy of food with their creative cooking.  This eatery is the perfect setting for romantic dining with a memorable gourmet experience that will set your tastebuds alight. This is not the best place to take your family out on a treat however great for the ultimate weekend away dining experience for non-locals couples and friends.

Set in a small town with a deli downstairs and gourmet restaurant upstairs, it is the perfect mix of class meets  “plaas” the epitome of farm meets civilisation. The ambience is relaxed, spacious, but cosy, helped by a roaring fire and gigantic tables.

With no set menus, Art Of Food, serve meals suited for the day, serving starters, mains and desserts that are specially prepared. From the ravioli starter, or opting for soup. The ravioli is particularly exceptional, as good as you could have anywhere in the world. For the main, you may select the pork belly. Generous, succulent, and of course under delicious crackling. Others dishes included Trout 4 ways, and sous-vide fillet, which is, of course, world class.

In conclusion, when looking for the perfect small town getaway, Art Of Food is an option to consider as they provide only the best with beautifully plated meals that taste as amazing as they look. 

Naledi Drive, 
Dullstroom 1110 
South Africa
+27 82 324 7594


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