Small Talk With Kgomotso Teffo: Skinstitute

By Joburg Post

Kgomotso Teffo is a 32 year old woman born in Mafikeng, now living in Pretoria. She is an aesthetic therapist, with the passion to change people’s lives through skincare, wellness and beauty. Skilled in treating skin’s past & present with guidelines to treat skin for the future she has created a skin clinic that focuses on advanced skin treatments, called the skinstitute.

The Skinstitute is an aesthetic clinic focusing on advanced skincare treatments, I am passionate about skincare and therefirw wanted to give people the opportunity to feel ggo about themselves though skincare. 

The Skinstitute was inspired by my need to be able to change someone’s life through skin treatment, which helps in building confidence and self esteem. I am intrigued also by the science behind different skincare products,especially cosmeceuticals products and even more so of all the anatomy of the skin. Skin is largest organ and it’s amazing how aesthetician can trigger and teach it to get to the healing and regeneration mode.

Our services offers advanced skincare treatments,skin peels,chemicals and mechanical,microneedling LED therapy and Intraceutical oxygen treatments. With the help of an amazing team which includes our associate doctor who does IV infusions and our amazing eyelash stylist Rakgadi Koetle who also offers wig services. 

In the future I would like Skinstitute to offer more services,as medical aesthetic is a big industry and there’s a lot involved including trichology wellness and beauty,  additionally I would like to expand by acquiring more new customers from all over South Africa and outside South Africa.


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