A Freedom Month Themed Poetic Affair

By Katlego Mereko

Month after month Soweto theatre and Poetic Thursdays showcase poets and performers from all over the country, with varying degrees in experience and expertise. 

This platform serves as both a bucket list for most established performers in South Africa and equally as a stepping stone for the future greats and gems of South Africa.

 For South Africa's freedom month, Poetic Thursdays are looking to set the stage ablaze and be one of its go-to events. After last month's fiery session which featured the likes of Xero Mahero and Southern Comfort, they have contrived to bring about the best line up to keep up with the theme. From a performance art perspective every performance, every idea is a fight for your freedom of expression, right of reply, right of opinion and at a large scale the poet then embodies these freedoms and rights, but this month will be so much more special as it connects to our national commemoration of the very freedom of South Africa.

On a monthly basis, Poetic Thursdays bring about a lineup of poets and musicians dedicated to the month at hand.

Headlining this month’s show is Tribal Punq vocalist Mahogany Reerooted, Siza Nkosi a master’s in creative writing with a degree from Rhodes University, published poet Xongani Maluleke, musical guest Andile Finca and awarded writer and performer Noluthandoi Buthelezi Hosted by Poetic Justice and Combars Frican Deep. 

Tickets are available through www.sowetotheatre.com and R50 at the door.

This line up is a combination of some of the country's best writers and performers all under one roof and in celebration of one thing and one thing only: the young South African democracy.

This promises to be quite the evening, celebrating one of the country’s most important holidays.


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