My Joburg Special: Tshepo Howza Mosese

By Joburg Post

What is your favourite hangout spot in Joburg and Why?

 I’m a big fan of Maboneng downtown. It’s a light and less formal spot to hang out with friends particularly at restaurants like Pata Pata. It reminds me of how Melville used to be back in the  late 90s. It’s also safer than most other areas in Jozi with police constantly patrolling.

Pata Pata Maboneng

What are your favourite things to do in Joburg?

As an artist I like to attend the market and civic theatre as you almost become one of the first to witness bubbling under Mzansi talent (actors, street poets, musicians etc.) that eventually hits our local tv screens at some stage.

The Market Theatre

Who are two most favourite Joburg residences for you and why?

I would often record in studios downtown to get a feel that keeps me in touch with the "hustle energy" of different people who are constantly on the grind to make ends meet and put food on the table for their families. When I was still recording my demo tapes in town I remember seeing the Legendary Brenda Fassie heading to one of the studios while being chased by her fans for autographs.

 I was so inspired by our indigenous peoples appreciation for township music and talent. 
I realised a lot more then that entertainment would become my field of play.

Brenda Fassie Statue

What’s your earliest memory of the city?

A little while after Mandela was elected as president in 1994 we would have to catch the local taxies from Soweto into town (Bree & Noord) to connect to others that would take us to the multiracial schools that we used to attend in the northern suburbs. We would catch four to five taxies daily.

Johannesburg Taxi Rank

What’s your favourite iconic feature about the city?

The Nelson Mandela bridge for me, sets a reminder of how far we've come as a nation. The town has further developed with new buildings embracing the Jo'burg scene however we still have a touch of older buildings to balance out the towns history.

Mandela Bridge

What is a must do and see in the Joburg?

Baseline in braamfontein tends to host music festivals during various seasons throughout the year. I have also had the privilege to perform at some of them. Reggae Nights on thursday  is one of my favourites with an easy going crowd.

The Baseline


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