How Bishop Td Jakes Stole My Girlfriend

By Joburg Post

A beautiful and bubbly soul, whose presence and portfolio in my life as a girlfriend, had me soaring in seventh heaven until her encounter with the reverend Bishop TD Jakes brought me back to earth.

It was my way with words that had her fall for your boy. Before WhatsApp and Facebook, there were email threads. I was copied on a general email with a number of former varsity contemporaries from various fields. In my response to one of those emails to the masses, I stood out courtesy of proper English as the tenses, apostrophes, commas and full stops were in the right place. She was impressed and I was impressive. She mailed exclusively and that’s how I became exclusive rights holder to her heart.

One evening my then lover and I where on our way from a movie rental shop in Rivonia. The sky was clear as the moon and the stars came out to play. We were holding hands and she was glowing. This woman was smart, with thought-provoking ideas and her impressive reasoning capacity. She always had profound stuff to say, but of all the statements she ever made, this one on this particular evening stands out.

“Babe,” she caught my attention.

“Yes, Love,” I looked into her eyes with affection. We had now stopped walking, but still kept our hands tied.

“I believe that in the whole world, everyone has that special person that is meant for them. I believe God has designed one special person for everyone. And for me that person is you.” Her eyes were thin with genuine love when she told me this—bedroom eyes.

Whoever said men don’t blush lied. I blushed until I could feel dimples carving themselves on my cheeks. I wanted to burst into wild celebrations. I felt like a Cristiano Ronaldo of boyfriends.

“Wow, Babe. I am so thrilled. Loving you is so easy and addictive. One day I won’t just be the one; I will be The One,” I said, taking her into my arms to feel her heartbeat on my chest.

Guess what? She is now married with kids and I am still here waiting to be seated.

Our love went on a downward spiral the day my then lover came across TD Jakes’ bestselling book – Before You Do. When she gravitated towards Jakes and went deep into his well of wisdom, I was found wanting. Actually the book performs surgery on relationships and propels people to do introspection's into major decisions before they make them.

I assume that when my then lover evaluated her decision to have me in her life as a boyfriend and potential hubby. She may have discovered that there was junk in her trunk or I may have been the junk in her trunk. She had to shed the weight and I was recalled. Since TD Jakes’ book led to my dismissal, I stopped being a fan. I was no longer coping his preaching style, revelations and quotes. I even took a break from his sermons on TV.

Years later, when maturity kicked in, I reverted to gleaning on the pearls of wisdom from TD Jakes. And oh, I did read that book that gave me the boot – Before You Do as part of my research while writing my latest book – Wait To Be Seated.

And oh, Jakes didn’t hit me with a brick (Whisk away my girlfriend). TD Jakes was living his purpose and he inspired me to live mine. If you are keen on making progress in your life, make sure you read TD Jakes bestselling book- Before You Do.

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