My Joburg Special: Chef Nti

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1. What's your favourite  about the city

 I love that it’s constantly changing. So it’s like a relationship; you stop proactively working on it you soon loose touch with all the amazing changes from Infrustructure to pop food markets & restuarants.

I enjoy getting to know Jozi & I must be honest it’s not as easy keeping abreast.

I’m always a tourist in my own city - I LOVE IT!!

2. What's the most underrated place in the city? Your hidden gem.

Let’s see, oh definitely ASSAGGI in Illovo - they have been there for years. If your looking for authentic Italian, that’s your place.

It feels like home. They are all about the good food & they stay consistent with service delivery, and their dishes. And that’s not an easy one to achieve in this industry year in year out.

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3. What's is your favourite hangout sport in Joburg and why?

Maboneng definitely as an area. There’s so much to explore there from the graffiti murals, street art, art galleries with a view, salsa on the roof top on Sunday’s, to pop up comedy theaters and you are spoilt for choice when it comes to  food.

My heart always comes back fuller whenever I go there. The best time to go is on weekends - if you can, try and get a booking at chef Luke Dale-Roberts pop up restaurant at The Hallmark House called The Pot Luck Club - it’s a culinary adventure.

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4. What's are your favourite things to do in Joburg?

Walk in the park. I have dogs so I walk at least twice a day.

I’m obsessed with the outdoors. The air smells so fresh in the morning it’s unbelievable.

And of course eating out

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5. Who are two favourite joburg residents for you?

Nelson Makamo has the best studio in the heart of the city. So some days (it’s a luxury though), when I’m lucky enough, I get to hang out there surrounded by the most beautiful artwork. It’s delightful.

My Neighbours because they ‘baby sit’ my little puppy, you know what they say - it takes a village...

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6. What's makes the city special for you?

Because it’s so easy to escape from the hustle and bustle. You can be all the way in it but not be affected by it

7. What is a must do and see in the city?

Downtown Jozi is a must see and do!!! Forget the champagne north (Sandton etc) go out there’s so much culture reflected in food, art and music. For me the quickest way to feel the heartbeat of the city.

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8. What is your favourite hangout spot in Joburg and why?

Gemelli Bryanston and any Tashas in the Sandton area. I like to people watch and it’s so much fun doing it from there.

Also if I want to catch with people, so everyone knows your not live on socials only but really do exist - that’s where you go. No but really you are gauranteed to run into everyone there. It’s fun! Fore sure the easiest way to catch up and you’ll enjoy the food.

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