Joburg Post Interview With Ghanaian Tv Presenter And Actress Joselyn Dumas

By Joburg Post

  1. What was your Childhood ambition?

    As a child I wanted to be a pilot so bad.

  2. Who influenced your life?

    My Mum. She thought me a lot about being confident and believing in myself and working hard at everything I put my mind to do.

  3. Your education background and life at Varsity?

    I have an Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies. Varsity was fun yet challenging, I was working two jobs whiles studying.

  4. What was your first job?

    My neighbor went away for summer holidays and I took care of her cats. She paid me my first 100 pounds, which I used in purchasing my first winter coat.

  5. How religious are you?

    I’m very religious

  6. What is your source of happiness?

    When I’m able to give back to society.

  7. What in today’s society is a cause for concern?

    The boy child. We are not doing as much for them as we should as a society. When we raise Kings only then will they know how to treat a Queen right.

  8. What are you passionate about?

    Children and their Well-being.

  9. What is your ultimate driving force?

    My Driving force is wanting to be a better version of myself everyday and motivating our youth to build their confidence and strive to be great at whatever they do.

  10. What can you not do without in a day?

    My Quiet time ( Reading my Bible Every Morning)

  1. What are your biggest achievements to date?

    Motherhood . I have an intelligent and beautiful daughter, who continues to teach me to become more.

  2. What do you prefer, acting or presenting?

    Love them both equally

  3. Tell us about your role in the comedy show Potato Potahto?

    I play Lulu, a divorced lady who decided to share her marital home with her husband even after divorce. Lulu was a bit uptight and kind of difficult to live with.Image result for JOSELYN DUMAS potato pohtato

  4. What attracted you to the show ?

     The Script and the Story, how hilarious yet serious it was at the same time

  5. You were recently quoted saying that you would not hesitate to buy a ring and propose to your boyfriend, if you realize he is ‘wasting time’, does this mean that you have abandoned African cultural values?

    I was speaking in the context of “giving your man some hints” not necessarily going out to buy a ring and Literally propose. “He who finds a wife, finds a good thing” Proverbs 18:22 . The Show


    seeks to bring to light, issues, opinions, thoughts, experiences etc for discussion on real life relatable topics. The host or the guests may have an opinion and the panel may agree or disagree and give reasons why.

  6. Do you think guys are intimidated by your stature and fame?

     No I don’t think so

  7. What is your ideal or dream guy to marry?

    God- fearing , Confident and hard working man

  8. Would you still consider a career in the aviation industry?


  9. What is your favourite city in Africa, besides Accra and why?

    Durban because of it’s landscape, beach, beautiful people, good food and a vibrant night life. I love Durban!


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