Africa Your Time Is Now!

By Joburg Post

There has never been a more pressing time to boldly express a sense of afro-optimism. A time has come for each of us to rise up and show up, and to declare that as Africans, we are lunging forward into action NOW! A time has come for Africans - north, south, east and west - to surf these waves of momentous change, blowing from all corners of our continent beckoning us to act with urgency because “we are the ones we have been waiting for”!
To draw the continent’s and ultimately the world’s attention to Africa’s power and immense potential, Butter Pudding is launching the 

Africa Your Time is Now
campaign. The campaign is a re-awakening, a recalibration and re-ignition of the spirit of African influence. It is about the acknowledgement that I too, in whatever capacity, have the power and it all begins with me. A reminder that we don’t need any external validation from other nations for us to believe that we can do it. It all starts with believing that we CAN, because we are AfriCANs. We can all be the change that we desire. We are part of a powerful collective of change-makers and game-changers because the blood of Africa runs through our veins. Spearheaded by Butter Pudding founder, Papama Mtwisha, the campaign features black & white portraits of proud Africans who are opinion-shapers in their respective fields, wearing statement t-shirts with a statement that reinforces positive messaging about Africa and being African. The campaign is a movement that celebrates afro-optimism and calls on fellow Africans to do the same with both fervour and urgency. This is the 1

st chapter of the campaign.. 


The opinion-shapers
In order to bring attention to this social-call, we spoke to and photographed a few opinion-shapers from different walks of life. Their words are expected to serve as inspiration and spur us into action on the need to invest more on our beloved continent, to maximize on and realize our potential so that we can lead ourselves into an Africa with a progressive socio-economic future.The opinion-shapers involved in the project includes Marianne Fassler at Fashion Designer of Leopard Frock, Kojo Baffoe - Content Architect, Businesswoman & CEO at Connect TV Basetsana Kumalo, Azania Mosaka - Businesswoman & Radio presenter and Radio & TV host Anele Mdoda. 

The statement t-shirts

Africa Your Time is Now
t-shirts are a visual representation capturing the spirit of a movement celebrating what it personally means to be African. These are t-shirts worn with pride because of what they symbolise, and the different stories they show and tell. Just like Africa occupies a unique position in each of our hearts, being African also means different things to different people. In wearing an 

Africa Your Time is Now
t-shirt you become a breathing billboard sending a positive vibration. You convey a powerful message of inspiration that positively reaffirms and sends a bold reminder of the power that Africa and Africans possess. The aim is to have as many people wearing the t-shirt so that the message is always top-of-mind. The t-shirts are a proclamation of power, strength, beauty, identity and character. This campaign is a bold call-to-action that speaks with pride to, and of a people’s sense of agency with urgency. 

Africa, your time is NOW!
T-shirts available from

About Butter Pudding –
The Butter Pudding brand celebrates children’s unique sense of expression and identity. It encourages kids to lend their unique personalities onto the garments they wear thus wearing them with pride, confidence and a sense of comfortable freedom. For every t-shirt one buys, Butter Pudding will donate a portion of the profits to child-focused charity organizations. Bettering the future of our children is in line with the brand’s ethos.  On top of that, the tees are locally-made. Purchasing them has a feel-good effect, inside-out, as we get to keep the rand circulating in our borders and therefore creating employment. To watch the video visit: Instagram: @africayourtimeisnow Credits: Photographer: Judd van Rensburg Make-up & grooming: Nthato Mashishi Video: 1000words1pic For more information contact +2772 077 5459 

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