Joburg Post Interview: Mampho Brescia “Happiness Is An Elusive Concept, Evolving With Time And Circumstances…”

By Joburg Post

 What was your childhood Ambition?

I think I've fulfilled it, to have a thriving family life and a career I love.

 Who influenced your life?

I would definitely say my parents, my father taught me how to be loved and my mother taught me how to love myself. They allowed me to dream and believe that nothing is impossible.

 Your educational background and life in varsity/ your life in the public domain and in your private space?

I didn't particularly enjoy university life, I however, loved the learning and gaining of life wisdom. I have a bachelors in political science and international relations from Wits University and further studied at Soka University, Tokyo Japan in cross cultural studies.

My life in the public domain is just that, simply because it’s the nature of the beast. It is an overwhelming world of constant giving, and receiving both positive and negative, it is truly an art filtering out the negative. My mother always said, "Let not praise or criticism from any man move you, and you will be fine." I am my own marker of success.

I revel in the privacy of my life, and have come to enjoy my solitude. Creativity is birthed within solitude. My family and friends are the solid ground upon which I find my steadfastness. This is a world one can create for oneself, if you choose it.

Your first job?

I was a child actor, then a waitress at wimpy.

How do you keep fit?

I don't Ha Ha, I have very limited time, so it's hard making it to the gym on the regular. When I do, I box really hard and I love spinning, am an adrenaline junky it seems, well, to a degree that is. I used to play squash, I miss that, hey anyone looking for a squash partner, hit me up.

Whiskey or wine? Why?

OMG definitely wine! Why, well we can't ignore the health benefits (wine drinkers have a 34% lower mortality rate than the beer or spirit drinker. And then there's the romance, the earthy, musk like perfume, there's always a story in every bottle. A fairy tale of merging flavours that come together in a whirlwind of passion. That's me, always in the red.

 What is your source of happiness?

The most complex question ever, because happiness is an elusive concept, evolving with time and circumstances, but superficially I totally say shopping. Oooh and making love totally makes me happy, whichever way you view what making love is.

What in today’s society is a cause of concern?

In today's society the course for concern for me would be, unloved, uncared for, homeless children, the abuse and suppression of women, the consequences of a father-less nation.

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about telling stories, being that voice for the voiceless. I am passionate about injustice about humanity and life.

What is your ultimate driving force?

Ultimate driving force, me, so I can be everything to everyone, but that starts with me.

What can you not do without in a day?

Wine, love and conversations with God.

What are your biggest achievements?

My kid! What on earth did I do to deserve to be her keeper? And me, I am alive, not just surviving but thriving.

What are your biggest disappointments?

My parents divorcing.

If you were not in this particular career, which career would you choose?


Radio or Television, why?

Television; I’m too pretty for radio…Ha Ha, no seriously with television/playing a character I get to tell someone else's story, I get to be someone else , I can live a million lives over and over. That teaches you compassion.

How religious are you?

Am spiritual, I think that religion is sullied by human controversy, tainted, because we are fallible beings. Religion does not belong to you, but spirituality is yours. You and your maker. I walk my own spiritual walk with fear and trembling.

 What could you have done better in life?

Certainly loved more and better, made more money, had more children.

 In your next life what would your career be?

Gosh, I'd be a John Legend or Whitney Houston, making beautiful music.

 Top 5 things to do before you retire

I am never going to retire, never, I want to die In front of a camera or behind one.

 Personal life scale card from 1-10?

Hard 8

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