Joburg Post Interview: Unathi Msengana

By Joburg Post


Q. What was your childhood Ambition?

I had varying ambitions depending on how old I was. I wanted to be a
Lawyer and found out how much reading that entailed. That deterred me. I wanted to be a Sports' Manager but my dad said I had to go to university and at the time that course wasn't offered at universities.

Q. Who influenced your life?

My parents have been and still are my greatest guides. In an incredibly graceful manner they have raised our family across borders, hemispheres and continents and yet still possess a profound humility and understanding of fulfilling ones purpose.

Q. Your educational background and life in varsity/ your life in the public domain and in your private space?

Education has been and continues to be a huge theme in my life. I'm not a book worthy intelligent person but have had to develop a diligence which is associated with setting goals and achieving them. Both my maternal and paternal grandparents sacrificed not seeing my parents for over a decade because they truly believed in the power of education. We grew up in the UK because the Apartheid government would not let our parents and forefathers be educated above a senior certificate qualification. This is why we were based in the UK and both my parents after having not seen their parents for over a decade, returned permanently to South Africa to bury their fathers respectively.

My middle name is Fundiswa and as I mentioned before, I don't think I'm particularly smart. I was just tremendously affected by my family's circumstance and the sacrifice of my forefathers.

It is because of this I understand the importance of making my work more important than my private life in the public domain. It's just how I've been raised.

Q. Your first job?

The best job ever, I worked as a cashier at Makro in Port Elizabeth from the age of 16 to when I graduated and moved to JHB. I would work on holidays. Truly character. Holding and FUN. At the same time that I was a cashier, Tazz the actor was a packer and Zolani, lead singer of Freshly Ground was at receptions. Truly, fun times.

Q. How do you keep fit?unathi-msengana-2016

I have fun. I change my routine. Don't work out for longer than an hour. It's usually 30 min. I support my training with a good diet so it doesn't become a burden. I do it with friends and girlfriends and keep it new.

Q.Whiskey or wine? why?

Wine. Whiskey makes me do some very weird things. I think coz of my training I've become a light drinker. Whiskey has become way too heavy. I could handle it in my 20's though. I'm a red wine kinda lady.

Q. What is your source of happiness?

The fact that I can choose it at any given time. It's always there waiting to be picked. Easier said than done though. But definitely doable.

Q. What in today’s society is a cause



That we forget that bad things happen when good people sit and do nothing. We often more and more sit and watch things happen and don't exercise compassion in the name of 'It's not my business'. It's a dangerous state of just letting things go slowly by slowly.

Q. What are you passionate about?


Q. What is your ultimate driving force?


Q. What can you not do without in a day?

Conversations with God

Q. What are your biggest achievements?

Raising my babies

Q. What are your biggest disappointments?

I try not to dwell on them as just disappointments. Cheesy I know.

Q. If you were not in this particular career, which career would you be in?

I'd be a house executive. Family is so beautiful.

Q. Radio or Television, why?

Both. I was born to do both.

Q. How religious are you?

I'm extremely spiritual. I've been recently obsessed with a doccie series by Morgan Freeman 'The Story Of God' Energy and the understanding of it by humans fascinates me. I also know I am just a mere mortal in this enormity called life which keeps it all magical. I need magic.

Q. What could you have done better in

life ?

I'll only know that at the end of this life.

Q. In your next life what would your career be?

Professional hockey player for South Africa.

Q. Top 5 things to do before you retire?

Play with the Gorillas in the DRC.
Witness the great migration in Kenya.
Take my kids to the Vic Falls, Zambia side. Sorry Zim but I want them to be in it.
Go back to the pyramids in Cairo and pray again.
Dance with the Messai Mara
AFRICA my heart!!

Q. Personal life scale card from 1-10?

20 000…I am blessed!

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