My Joburg Special: Mpho Maboi

By Joburg Post

  1. What is your favourite hangout spot in Joburg and why

I love hanging out at Papachinos. Any one and the reason is simple really, because I hardly get to spend time out with friends and my little ones, I enjoy going to a place that makes me feel like I can kill two birds with 1 stone and also the kids love it coz they can play while I catch-up with adult conversations. Nothing beats that

  1. What are your favourite things to do in Joburg ?

I LOVE JHB Zoo... I try being the 4 year old here at least twice a year. I just love to see things through his eyes. I love how he'll see something now and ignore it but be in absolute awe of it the next time we visit because now he's learnt about it in school or read bout it in a book. It's amazing to watch.

  1. Who are two most favourite Joburg residents for you and why?

The 1st has to definitely be my love. I'm learning Soweto coz I grew up in the East Rand so he's always teaching me new places. It's exciting.

2nd would be Mama Winnie. She's an amazing woman who epitomizes the strength of a woman. Everything you wanna be as a woman

  1. What’s your earliest memory of the city?

My earliest memory of JHB is coming here with my Mom from Benoni when we knew nothing about the city. We had needed to register for my IT Diploma at Wits (now UJ). We managed to make it to Doornfonten campus only to be sent to Auckland Park campus. Somehow we managed to not get too lost. It was an adventure.

  1. What’s your favourite iconic feature about the

    city ?

I know I'm in Jozi when I see Ponte. It's such an amazing tower over every other building.

  1. What makes the city special for

    you ?

The energy. The people. The pace. I've travelled around the world but there's nothing quite like the energy here. It's a world unlike any other. It's a mix of nations. A mix of languages. Just a big WOW!

  1. What is a must do and see in the Joburg

One must make sure to visit the markets at Rosebank and enjoy some time out in Melville. And ofcourse one would say you MUST go to Soweto but as a township girl, I say go to any township as they all have something unique to offer

Also the Red Bus City Tour. Even as a resident, it's a must do

  1. What’s the most underrated place in the

    city ?

this-is-hillbrow-01I think the CBD is underrated. There's so much to see and explore but everyone would rather be seen at the upmarket places.

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