My Joburg Special: Mapaseka Koetle

By Joburg Post

Q: What  is your favourite hangout spot in Joburg and why?

A:  My favourite place in Joburg is Balata at the fairway hotel in Randpark ridge , it's beautiful and private .

Q: What are your favourite things to do in Joburg ?

Going out with friends, and taking my dogs to a park . I love taking them to Walkhevan it's fun ☺️.


Q:  Who are two most favourite Joburg residents for you  and why?

Ummmm , Florence Mokgatsi, she stays in soweto so every time I visit her I get to go to Vilakazi street

Q:  What’s your earliest memory of the city?

SABC is close to AFDA ( film school ) so every time I passed there I would get excited and see myself working there .

Q:  What’s your favourite iconic feature about the city ?

Mandela bridge especially at nights . It's beautiful


Q:  What makes the city special for you ?

The people, the hustle. People here don't sleep they work very hard, the fast life

Q: What is  a must do and see in the Joburg?

That's what I love about the city .

Q:  What’s the most underrated place in the city ? Your hidden gem.

Soweto, vilakazi street , that's a must see the vibe , South African history. Cradle of humankind, I think it's beautiful.


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