The Joburg Post Interview: T Bo Touch

By Joburg Post

We sat down with Radio personality and serial entrepreneur T-Bo Touch for a quick off the cuff interview. 

Q. What was your childhood Ambition?

To be the president
Q. Who influenced your life?

Bishop Robert W Jones and his son Bishop Noel Jones 

Q. Your first job? 

Starting my own confectionary by selling cakes & donuts at primary school independent of the school tuckshop.


Q. How do you keep fit ? 

I swim 3 times a week


Q.Whiskey or wine? why? 

Wine. The historical and spiritual significance of wine is biblical. Jesus turned water into wine. A great bottle of wine tells the story of the ancestors living in the soil of where it grew out from. TouchWarwick cabernet sauvignon is a special story of two families that came together to create an impeccable cabernet sauvignon.


Q. What is your source of happiness?

My two boys


Q. What in todays society is a cause of concern?

What we define as influencers. You can shoot a sex tape and gain a million followers but that does not make you an influencer.


Q. What are you passionate about? 

Building people and transforming society.


Q. What is your ultimate driving force? 

R8 in all interpretations possible

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Q. What can you not do without in a Day?

My conversation with God


Q. What are your biggest achievements? 

Being a great father to my children & Pioneering in the digital radio arena of Africa.


Q. What are your biggest disappointments? 

The price of data in this country.


Q. If you were not in this particular career, which career would you be in? 



Q. Radio or Television, why?


tbo touch

Q.How religious are you?

I am Spiritual not religious

Q. In your next life what would your career be? 

Pro golf player


Q. Personal life scale card from 1-10? 


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