My Joburg Special: Buhle Samuels

By Joburg Post

Q: What  is your favourite hangout spot in Joburg and why?

A: A Restaurant called Gemelli the food is delicious atmosphere is cozy and quaint. I absolutely love food and I love how everything tastes delicious from the food drinks to dessert and the vibe.


Q: What are your favourite things to do in Joburg ?

A: I love hanging out with my friend Ntoni  wherever there is food. We love hanging out in Greenside and trying different vibes. As long as it's a new vibe we love trying it out. 

Greenside Quarter 3

Q:  Who are two most favourite Joburg residents for you  and why?

A: My mom as well, she is my pillar of strength. Always there for me through everything. Love her to bits 

And my friend Ntoni she is my sister from another mother. We just get each other we hardly ever fight because we understand each other very well. I love her cooking which makes it easier to hang out 😄

Q:  What’s your earliest memory of the city?

A: My earliest memory of Joburg is seeing the tall buildings with the Vodacom billboard light up (Ponte City) on my way to school. It felts like a giant Christmas tree.


Q:  What’s your favourite iconic feature about the city ?

A: I love the Madiba statue in Sandton. Because he's the most iconic person to come from our soil and every time I see foreign visitors taking pictures with him. It reminds me that anything is possible.


Q:  What makes the city special for you ?

A: I love how Joburg has a variety like no other city in S.A. The energy is palpable and I love that you can interact with different types of people from all walks of life. 

Q: What is  a must do and see in the Joburg?

A: I love Maboneng it's a great place to meet friends and have reunions with old high school friends. 


Q:  What’s the most underrated place in the city ? Your hidden gem.

A: The south of Joburg has so many wonderful places to eat. There are some very wonderful homes and restaurants everyone thinks the north has it all.

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