My Joburg Special: Thabo "T" Mokwele (Best T In The City)

By Joburg Post

Q: What  is your favourite hangout spot in joburg and why?

A: Mash Braai House is my favorite spot, the music, the food, the ambience, the is home away from home. 

Q: What are your favourite things to do in joburg ?

A: Playing soul music in places, from Thursday to Sunday' is the most rewarding thing I really enjoy doing. 

Q:  Who are two most favourite Joburg residents for you  and why?

A: No one in particular, I enjoy anyone's company. I am reserved by nature, if am not working, I am home with the family or friends. Or just having a light meal and laughter with one of my 2 close friends. That's me. 

Q:  What's your earliest memory of the city?

A: Since am born in Soweto and Raised in Tembisa, the commute between the 2 meant that I needed to know my way around Jozi CBD. I memorized 2 streets Market and Small, these two gave me my coordinates of where I need to go and back. 


Q:  What's your favourite iconic feature about the city ?

A: For me it will always be Carlton Center. Am still at awe at its magnificence. I think it is national key point we need to revive. 


Q:  What makes the city special for you ?

A: It's bitter sweet, it is a survival of the fittest city which is sad but you need that to make it anywhere in life which is sweet. 

Q: What is  a must do and see in the Joburg?

A: Gold Reef city Theme Park it's a must for everyone. The whole family is catered for. It's the best.


Q:  What's the most underrated place in the city ? Your hidden gem .

A: Tembisa, it's hidden gem of this mighty province. With a little focus on it's tourism prospects, I think we would have a marvel in the next decade. 

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